Within the reach of human range, a bit of evil, a touch of strange.

I make music in both Trackers and modern DAWs.

Choose your destiny.

About me

Started first in 2021, I became interested in music on Trackers such as: Protracker, Fasttracker 2 and Impulse tracker. Besides some covers and silly note spamming which was never really released anywhere. In 2022, Jeansowaty inspired me to remix one of his tracks, that ended up kickstarting my progress. I kept doing various kinds of music on trackers, including remixes and covers, until I discovered FL Studio and learned it bit by bit. Right now, I am more focused on producing tunes on FL Studio now, but I occasionally return to trackers as well.

Recent Projects

Visual Novels?

I'm also into visual novels... a lot. If you're interested in what VNs I've read so far, check out this sheet below.

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Re-Zero Season 3 Countdown?

I'm a BIG fan of Re:Zero. If you are too, check yout this silly release countdown page below.
(These links will disappear, once the airing will begin)